Good job! In this lesson, you learned

  • How to write a for loop.
  • How to use range in a loop.
  • How to write a while loop.
  • What infinite loops are and how to avoid them.
  • How to control loops using break and continue.
  • How to write elegant loops as list comprehensions.

Let’s get some more practice with these concepts!



Create a list called single_digits that consists of the numbers 0-9 (inclusive).


Create a for loop that goes through single_digits and prints out each one.


Before the loop, create a list called squares. Assign it to be an empty list to begin with.


Inside the loop that iterates through single_digits, append the squared value of each element of single_digits to the list squares. You can do this before or after printing the element.


After the for loop, print out squares.


Create the list cubes using a list comprehension on the single_digits list. Each element of cubes should be an element of single_digits taken to the third power.


Print cubes.

Good job!

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