In the last exercise, we joined together a list of words using a space as the delimiter to create a sentence. In fact, you can use any string as a delimiter to join together a list of strings. For example, if we have the list

santana_songs = ['Oye Como Va', 'Smooth', 'Black Magic Woman', 'Samba Pa Ti', 'Maria Maria']

We could join this list together with ANY string. One often used string is a comma , because then we can create a string of comma separated variables, or CSV.

santana_songs_csv = ','.join(santana_songs) print(santana_songs_csv) # => 'Oye Como Va,Smooth,Black Magic Woman,Samba Pa Ti,Maria Maria'

You’ll often find data stored in CSVs because it is an efficient, simple file type used by popular programs like Excel or Google Spreadsheets.

You can also join using escape sequences as the delimiter. Consider the following example:

smooth_fifth_verse_lines = ['Well I\'m from the barrio', 'You hear my rhythm on your radio', 'You feel the turning of the world so soft and slow', 'Turning you \'round and \'round'] smooth_fifth_verse = '\n'.join(smooth_fifth_verse_lines) print(smooth_fifth_verse)

This code is taking the list of strings and joining them using a newline \n as the delimiter. Then it prints the result and produces the output:

Well I'm from the barrio You hear my rhythm on your radio You feel the turning of the world so soft and slow Turning you 'round and 'round



You’ve been given a list, winter_trees_lines, that contains all the lines to William Carlos Williams poem, Winter Trees. You’ve been asked to join together the strings in the list together into a single string that can be used to display the full poem. Name this string winter_trees_full.

Print your result to the terminal. Make sure that each line of the poem appears on a new line in your string.

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