Boolean operators aren’t just evaluated from left to right. Just like with arithmetic operators, there’s an order of operations for boolean operators:

  1. not is evaluated first;
  2. and is evaluated next;
  3. or is evaluated last.

For example, True or not False and False returns True. If this isn’t clear, look at the Hint.

Parentheses () ensure your expressions are evaluated in the order you want. Anything in parentheses is evaluated as its own unit.



Assign True or False as appropriate for bool_one through bool_five.

  • Set bool_one equal to the result of
False or not True and True
  • Set bool_two equal to the result of
False and not True or True
  • Set bool_three equal to the result of
True and not (False or False)
  • Set bool_four equal to the result of
not not True or False and not True
  • Set bool_five equal to the result of
False or not (True and True)

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