On the flip side, sometimes you’ll be working with a derived class (or subclass) and realize that you’ve overwritten a method or attribute defined in that class’ base class (also called a parent or superclass) that you actually need. Have no fear! You can directly access the attributes or methods of a superclass with Python’s built-in super call.

The syntax looks like this:

class Derived(Base): def m(self): return super(Derived, self).m()

Where m() is a method from the base class.



First, inside your PartTimeEmployee class:

  • Add a new method called full_time_wage with the arguments self and hours.
  • That method should return the result of a super call to the calculate_wage method of PartTimeEmployee‘s parent class. Use the example above for help.

Then, after your class:

  • Create an instance of the PartTimeEmployee class called milton. Don’t forget to give it a name.
  • Finally, print out the result of calling his full_time_wage method. You should see his wage printed out at $20.00 per hour! (That is, for 10 hours, the result should be 200.00.)

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