One of the benefits of classes is that we can create more complicated classes that inherit variables or methods from their parent classes. This saves us time and helps us build more complicated objects, since these child classes can also include additional variables or methods.

We define a “child” class that inherits all of the variables and functions from its “parent” class like so:

class ChildClass(ParentClass): # new variables and functions go here

Normally we use object as the parent class because it is the most basic type of class, but by specifying a different class, we can inherit more complicated functionality.



Create a class ElectricCar that inherits from Car. Give your new class an __init__() method of that includes a battery_type member variable in addition to the model, color and mpg.

Then, create an electric car named my_car with a "molten salt" battery_type. Supply values of your choice for the other three inputs (model, color and mpg).

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