Great! So far we’ve looked at:

  • Print statements
  • How to create, modify, and use variables
  • Arithmetic operations like addition, subtraction, division, and multiplication
  • How to use comments to make your code easy to understand
  • Different data types, including strings, ints, floats, and booleans
  • Converting between data types

Here are a few more resources to add to your toolkit:

Make sure to bookmark these links so you have them at your disposal.



Let’s apply all of the concepts you have learned one more time!

Create a variable called skill_completed and set it equal to the string "Python Syntax".


Create a variable called exercises_completed and set it equal to 13. Create another variable called points_per_exercise and set it equal to 5.


Create a variable called point_total and set it equal to 100.


Update point_total to be the original value plus the result of multiplying exercises_completed and points_per_exercise.


Add a comment above your declaration of points_per_exercise that says:

The amount of points for each exercise may change, because points don't exist yet

Print a string to the console that says:

I got X points!

with the value of point_total where X is.

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