When you want to print a variable with a string, there is a better method than concatenating strings together.

name = "Mike" print "Hello %s" % (name)

The % operator after the string is used to combine a string with variables. The % operator will replace the %s in the string with the string variable that comes after it.

If you’d like to print a variable that is an integer, you can “pad” it with zeros using %02d. The 0 means “pad with zeros”, the 2 means to pad to 2 characters wide, and the d means the number is a signed integer (can be positive or negative).

day = 6 print "03 - %s - 2019" % (day) # 03 - 6 - 2019 print "03 - %02d - 2019" % (day) # 03 - 06 - 2019



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