Great work!

Now let’s write a get_letter_grade function that takes a number score as input and returns a string with the letter grade that that student should receive.



Define a new function called get_letter_grade that has one argument called score. Expect score to be a number.

Inside your function, test score using a chain of if: / elif: / else: statements, like so:

  • If score is 90 or above: return "A"
  • Else if score is 80 or above: return "B"
  • Else if score is 70 or above: return "C"
  • Else if score is 60 or above: return "D"
  • Otherwise: return "F"

Finally, test your function!

Print the resulting letter grade with print. Call the get_letter_grade function and pass in get_average(lloyd).

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