Great job! The app displays all actors that belong to a movie. The has_many :through association lets us easily query for all actors that belong to a movie.



Let’s add the ability to see all movies an actor has appeared in.

Generate a controller named Actors.


In the routes file, add a route that maps the URL /actors to the Actors controller’s index action.


Then in the controller, add the index action to display a list of all actors.


In app/views/actors/index.html.erb, iterate through each actor and display the image, first name, and last name.


Back in the routes file, add another route to send requests to URLs like /actors/1 to the Actors controller’s show action. Use as: to name this route “actor”.


Then in the controller, add the show action to display a specific actor and the filmography. To do this, first find an actor by id. Then retrieve all movies that belong to the actor.


In app/views/actors/show.html.erb:

  • Display the actor’s image, first name, last name, and bio.
  • Then iterate through each movie and display its title, image, and release year.

Finally in app/views/actors/index.html.erb below an actor’s name, use link_to to add a link to that actor:

  • Use “Learn more” for the link text
  • By giving the show route a name of “actor”, Rails automatically creates a helper method named actor_path, so use it to generate a URL to a specific actor’s path

Visit http://localhost:8000/movies in the browser. Click on a movie to see its cast.

Then visit http://localhost:8000/actors. Click on an actor to see what movies he’s appeared in.

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