Designed for education, the Raspberry Pi is the perfect tool for the large computing community whose projects involve STEAM, also known as Science Technology Engineering Art and Math.

When thinking of a project for Raspberry Pi, the sky is the limit.

Driving Fish

The Driving Fish project involves a Raspberry Pi and the location of fish in their tank to control the direction of a robot. This project uses:

  • A camera to detect the location of the fish
  • Motor control to move the fish tank around
  • A special sensor called a LIDAR that scans the robot’s surroundings

Nightlight Pillow

The Nightlight Pillow is a project that turns an ordinary baby pillow into a nightlight. This project uses:

  • A light sensor to sense the brightness of a room
  • LED lights to create a relaxing nightlight
  • Soldering and sewing to integrate the project into a pillow

These are just 2 examples of what can be done with Raspberry Pi and that with the proper imagination, there is no telling what is possible.


The website in the workspace highlights a Raspberry Pi project that went all the way to the International Space Station!

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