You can now inject regular JavaScript into JSX expressions! This will be extremely useful.

In the code editor, you can see a JSX expression that displays the first twenty digits of pi.

Study the expression and notice the following:

  • The code is written in a JavaScript file. By default, it will all be treated as regular JavaScript.
  • Find <div> on line 5. From there up through </div>, the code will be treated as JSX.
  • Find Math. From there up through (20), the code will be treated as regular JavaScript again.
  • The curly braces themselves won’t be treated as JSX nor as JavaScript. They are markers that signal the beginning and end of a JavaScript injection into JSX, similar to the quotation marks that signal the boundaries of a string.



Select app.js.

Declare a new variable named math. Set math equal to a JSX <h1></h1> element.

Put the following text inside of the <h1>:

2 + 3 = 2 + 3

At the bottom of the file, call ReactDOM.render().

For ReactDOM.render()‘s first argument, pass in math.

For ReactDOM.render()‘s second argument, pass in document.getElementById('app').


As you probably expected, the equation was displayed as a string.

Insert a pair of curly braces into the <h1></h1>, so that the browser displays 2 + 3 = 5.

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