Well done! You’ve covered some of React Native’s most common core components. Let’s review:

  • The View component can be used to create responsive layouts using flexbox, or add basic styling to nested components.
  • The Text component displays text. On Android and iOS, all text strings needs to be wrapped in one of these.
  • The Image component displays images. They can be referenced using an https:// link, local file:// reference, Base64-encoded string, or image imported as module with require.
  • The ScrollView component is a “visible” container with the scrolling functionality added. In most places, you wouldn’t need scrolling.
  • The Button component is used for “click” or “press” interactions.
  • The TextInput component is used for capturing user input.
  • Components can be combined into custom components for consistent style and reusability.


The previous exercise’s code is provided here if you’d like to experiment with core components!

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