Expo and React Native provide a comprehensive framework with a big community. There are thousands of prebuilt packages that you can use directly in your app. Just like every other framework, Expo and React Native aren’t a silver bullet solution.

For most apps, Expo and React Native are a good choice:

  • Apps built with Expo or React Native can run on multiple platforms. That means faster development and less code to maintain while sharing most of the code.
  • It provides direct access to native functionality, allowing developers to make the app as performant as pure native apps.
  • Getting started with Expo and React Native only requires basic web development and basic native platform understanding.

Big companies like Bloomberg, Shopify, and Coinbase are using React Native for their mobile apps. Coinbase started with native and moved to React Native with great success. You can find more companies listed in the React Native documentation!

In some areas, React Native doesn’t do well:

  • Pure native apps have a higher performance ceiling compared to Expo and React Native apps.
  • Expo and React Native are abstractions on top of the native platform. They need to follow the latest changes and functionality from the native platforms.
  • Complex apps often require you to optimize and customize native code— that requires a good understanding of every platform you need to support.

Airbnb is one company that started with React Native but later switched to a different toolset.


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