As you saw in the last exercise, you are likely to dispatch actions of the same type multiple times or from multiple places. Typing out the entire action object can be tedious and creates opportunities to make an error.

For example, in the light switch application, whose reducer accepts 'toggle' actions to turn the light 'on' or 'off', you might write:

store.dispatch({Type:'toggle'}); store.dispatch({type:'toggel'}); store.dispatch({typo:'toggle'});

Did you spot the errors?

In most Redux applications, action creators are used to reduce this repetition and to provide consistency. An action creator is simply a function that returns an action object with a type property. They are typically called and passed directly to the store.dispatch() method resulting in fewer errors and an easier-to-read dispatch statement.

The above code could be rewritten using an action creator called toggle() like so:

const toggle = () => { return { type: "toggle" }; } store.dispatch(toggle()); // Toggles the light to 'off' store.dispatch(toggle()); // Toggles the light back to 'on' store.dispatch(toggle()); // Toggles the light back to 'off'

Though not necessary in a Redux application, action creators save us the time needed to type out the entire action object, reduce the chances you make a typo, and improve the readability of our application.

Often, before the reducer of an application is even written, Redux programmers will write action creators as a way of planning out which actions will be available to dispatch to the store.



Let’s add some action creators into the counter application. The two actions that the countReducer can handle are 'increment' and 'decrement'.

First, at the top of the store.js file, create an action creator function called increment() that returns an object with a type: 'increment' property.


Well done! Now, after the increment() action creator and before the countReducer, add in a second action creator named decrement() that returns an action object with the 'decrement' action type.


In store.js, actions are being dispatched to the store like so:

store.dispatch({ type: 'increment' }); store.dispatch({ type: 'decrement' });

For each existing call to store.dispatch(), replace the typed-out action objects with function calls to the appropriate action creator.

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