Congratulations on finishing this lesson on the react-redux library! Let’s review what you’ve learned:

  • React and Redux work well together but need more to support React’s UI optimization and Redux’s one-way data flow.
  • The react-redux library provides React application components access to the Redux store
  • The <Provider> component wraps around the root component to give its descendants access to the - Redux store without props drilling
  • Selectors are pure functions used to access all or part of the state in the Redux store
  • useSelector() retrieves the application state through selectors. It must be called from within a component
  • useSelector() subscribes components to data retrieved from the selectors. React, not Redux, re-renders those components when the selected data changes
  • useDispatch() returns a reference to Redux store dispatch() function


With all of this new knowledge to work with, explore the finished application to observe how react-redux helped you implement the Redux one-way data flow.

Have fun!

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