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Blocks, Procs, and Lambdas

You Know This!

We learned a bit about blocks in Loops & Iterators and Methods, Blocks, & Sorting. We said earlier that a block is like a nameless method, but that's not quite true. (We'll get to actual nameless methods, called lambdas, later in this lesson.)

A Ruby block is just a bit of code that can be executed. Block syntax uses either do..end or curly braces ({}), like so:

[1, 2, 3].each do |num| puts num end # ==> Prints 1, 2, 3 on separate lines [1, 2, 3].each { |num| puts num } # ==> Prints 1, 2, 3 on separate lines

Blocks can be combined with methods like .each and .times to execute an instruction for each element in a collection (like a hash or array).

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