Sometimes you’ll want one class that inherits from another to not only take on the methods and attributes of its parent, but to override one or more of them.

For instance, you might have an Email class that inherits from Message. Both classes might have a send method that sends them, but the e-mail version may have to identify valid e-mail addresses and use a bunch of e-mail protocols that Message knows nothing about. Rather than add a send_email method to your derived class and inherit a send method you’ll never use, you can instead just explicitly create a send method in the Email class and have it do all the email-sending work.

This new version of send will override (that is, replace) the inherited version for any object that is an instance of Email.



Let’s try a more entertaining (if less realistic) example. Create a new class, Dragon, that inherits from Creature. Give your derived class a fight method that overrides Creature‘s; instead of returning “Punch to the chops!”, it should return “Breathes fire!”.

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