Good! Now let’s complete our if statement.

When we find "s", we want Ruby to replace every instance of "s" it finds with "th". We can do this with the .gsub! method, which stands for global substitution.

The syntax looks like this:

string_to_change.gsub!(/s/, "th")

When we get to later lessons, we’ll explain why the /s/ has to be between slashes instead of between quotes. Note: you cannot put a space between gsub! and the bit in parentheses.

Remember, you want the ! at the end of the method name so that Ruby will change the string in-place.



Remove the print statement you added to your if statement and replace it with a call to .gsub! on user_input. Have it replace /s/ with "th".

After pressing Run, enter a message in the console and hit enter to check your code!

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