The Sass arithmetic operations are:

  1. addition +
  2. subtraction -
  3. multiplication *
  4. division /, and
  5. modulo %.

Note: Modulo, or %, is the remainder in a given division, so “9%2” would be “1”.

SCSS arithmetic requires that the units are compatible; for example, you can’t multiply pixels by ems.

Also, just like in regular math, multiplying two units together results in squared units:10px * 10px = 100px * px.

Since there is no such thing as squared units in CSS, the above would throw an error. You would need to multiply 10px * 10 in order to obtain 100px.



In main.scss inside of .math, include the following computations:

height: $width/6; line-height: $width/6;

Click “Run” to see your changes in the browser and inspect them in the output of main.css.


In main.scss compute the border-radius property of the .math class to be a 1/30th of its width.

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