As with GET requests, we can use our local browser to make POST requests, a method that adds new data to a receiving web application.

A common way to append data to an application is by submitting an HTML form. Let’s say we want to add a new German Shepherd named “Charlie” to our list of dog intakes. We simply fill out a form that asks for the name of the pet (“Charlie”) and breed (“German Shepherd”). After clicking the “submit” button, the browser sends a POST request with that data to the application. The Spring application then uses this inputted form data to create and add a new dog object to our existing dogs resource.



To append a new restaurant item to our existing restaurant database, we’re going to send a POST request by submitting an HTML form. But first (you guessed it!) we’ll need to add a POST method to our Spring code.

Copy and paste this POST method into the code editor:

@PostMapping @ResponseStatus(HttpStatus.CREATED) public Restaurant addRestaurant(@RequestBody Restaurant restaurant) { validateNewRestaurant(restaurant); return restaurantRepository.save(restaurant); }

A new restaurant item, “Pizza Hut”, is defined by the following attributes and corresponding values:

  • Restaurant Name: Pizza Hut
  • Address: 123 Main St.
  • City: San Diego
  • State: CA
  • Zip Code: 01567

Add “Pizza Hut” to our restaurant database by

  1. Typing http://localhost:4001/addRestaurant.html in the browser’s address bar
  2. Filling out the HTML form according to the above information
  3. Clicking “Submit” to make a new POST request

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