We’ve learned how to write queries to retrieve information from the database. Now, we are going to learn how to perform calculations using SQL.

Calculations performed on multiple rows of a table are called aggregates.

In this lesson, we have given you a table named fake_apps which is made up of fake mobile applications data.

Here is a quick preview of some important aggregates that we will cover in the next five exercises:

  • COUNT(): count the number of rows
  • SUM(): the sum of the values in a column
  • MAX()/MIN(): the largest/smallest value
  • AVG(): the average of the values in a column
  • ROUND(): round the values in the column

Let’s get started!



Before getting started, take a look at the data in the fake_apps table.

In the code editor, type the following:

SELECT * FROM fake_apps;

What are the column names?

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