By default, SQL tries to be as precise as possible without rounding. We can make the result table easier to read using the ROUND() function.

ROUND() function takes two arguments inside the parenthesis:

  1. a column name
  2. an integer

It rounds the values in the column to the number of decimal places specified by the integer.

SELECT ROUND(price, 0) FROM fake_apps;

Here, we pass the column price and integer 0 as arguments. SQL rounds the values in the column to 0 decimal places in the output.



Let’s return the name column and a rounded price column.

In the code editor, type:

SELECT name, ROUND(price, 0) FROM fake_apps;

Remove the previous query.

In the last exercise, we were able to get the average price of an app ($2.02365) using this query:

SELECT AVG(price) FROM fake_apps;

Now, let’s edit this query so that it rounds this result to 2 decimal places.

This is a tricky one!

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