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The DELETE FROM statement deletes one or more rows from a table. You can use the statement when you want to delete existing records. The statement below deletes all records in the celebs table with no twitter_handle:

DELETE FROM celebs WHERE twitter_handle IS NULL;
  1. DELETE FROM is a clause that lets you delete rows from a table.
  2. celebs is the name of the table we want to delete rows from.
  3. WHERE is a clause that lets you select which rows you want to delete. Here we want to delete all of the rows where the twitter_handle column IS NULL.
  4. IS NULL is a condition in SQL that returns true when the value is NULL and false otherwise.



Delete all of the rows that have a NULL value in the twitter handle column. In the code editor, type the following:

DELETE FROM celebs WHERE twitter_handle IS NULL; SELECT * FROM celebs;

How many rows exist in the celebs table now?

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