Congratulations! We’ve learned six commands commonly used to manage data stored in a relational database and how to set constraints on such data. What can we generalize so far?

SQL is a programming language designed to manipulate and manage data stored in relational databases.

  • A relational database is a database that organizes information into one or more tables.
  • A table is a collection of data organized into rows and columns.

A statement is a string of characters that the database recognizes as a valid command.

  • CREATE TABLE creates a new table.
  • INSERT INTO adds a new row to a table.
  • SELECT queries data from a table.
  • ALTER TABLE changes an existing table.
  • UPDATE edits a row in a table.
  • DELETE FROM deletes rows from a table.

Constraints add information about how a column can be used.


In this lesson, we have learned SQL statements that create, edit, and delete data. In the upcoming lessons, we will learn how to use SQL to retrieve information from a database!

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