Once you’ve found the center of your data, you can shift to identifying the extremes of your dataset: the minimum and maximum values. These values, taken with the mean and median, begin to indicate the shape of the underlying dataset. Take the histogram below as an example:


The minimum value of this data is 18, and the maximum value is 76.

You can calculate the range using the following:

range=maxminrange = max - min

The range of this dataset is

range=7618=58range = 76 - 18 = 58



Using the following lines of code, we found the values for the minimum and maximum values of our dataset. Replace the relevant ????????? with these values in the second paragraph of summary.txt.

The minimum is $2,459:

cp_data[' Average Covered Charges '].min()



The maximum is $81,083:

cp_data[' Average Covered Charges '].max()



Calculate the range of values in the dataset. Replace the relevant ????????? with your answer. If you don’t have a calculator application readily available, we’ve provided the correct answer in the hint.

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