Great job 🙌 We have learned about the power and flexibility offered by Swift enumerations. Here’s what we covered:

  • What an enumeration is
  • How to use enumerations in a switch control flow
  • How to iterate over enumerations cases like a collection
  • Defining raw values in an enumeration
    • Explicitly and implicitly assigning raw values
    • Extracting raw values for cases
    • Initializing an instance with a raw value
    • All cases must have the same type of raw value
  • Defining associated values in an enumeration
    • Associated values can be differently typed for each case
    • All cases don’t need associated value
  • Implementing methods in enumerations
    • Use of mutating methods
  • Defining computed properties in enumerations

Enumerations are indeed first class citizens in Swift and can help you write clean, expressive code 🛩


Feel free to utilize the empty Review.swift file and output terminal on the right to hone your understanding of enumerations.

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