Now that we’ve practiced defining a function, let’s learn about calling a function to execute the code within its body.

The process of executing the code inside the body of a function is known as calling it. To call a function in Swift, type out its name followed by parentheses ().

Take the following makeSushiRoll() function which holds step by step instructions on how to make a sushi roll:

func makeSushiRoll() { print("First, spread rice on Nori") print("Next, add fillings") print("Carefully roll the sushi") print("Cut the sushi") print("Serve 🍣") }

To call our function, we must type out the function’s name followed by a pair of parenthesis:


Calling the function will execute the print() statements within the body and result in the following output:

First, spread rice on Nori Next, add fillings Carefully roll the sushi Cut the sushi Serve 🍣

Now it’s your turn to call a function!



Assume we’re writing a program that holds our favorite recipe. In Recipe.swift, define a function, mySpecialRecipe(), that will hold the instructions for a recipe of your choice.

  • mySpecialRecipe() must not return any values.
  • mySpecialRecipe() should contain print() statements with the instructions for your recipe.

Below the function definition, call the function and see your recipe in the terminal.

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