When working with arrays, we might need to add additional elements to it after initialization.

We can add a new item to the end of an array by calling the array’s .append() method:


For example, suppose we have an array called gymBadges:

var gymBadges = ["Boulder", "Cascade"]

We can add a new item, "Thunder", to the end of the array by:

gymBadges.append("Thunder") // ["Boulder", "Cascade", "Thunder"]

Alternatively, append an array of one or more items with the addition assignment operator +=:

gymBadges += ["Thunder", "Rainbow"] // ["Boulder", "Cascade", "Thunder", "Rainbow"]



What are some of your New Year’s resolutions?

Add one more item to the resolutions array using .append().


Add another to the resolutions array using +=.


Print out resolutions.

Is it the same as you expected?

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