What happens if we want to iterate through items of an array? We can use a for-in loop!

The syntax looks like the following:

for item in array { // Loop body }

For example, suppose we have a String array that looks like this:

var employees = ["Michael", "Dwight", "Jim", "Pam", "Andy"]

We can write a for-in loop like so:

for item in employees { print(item) } // Prints "Michael" // Prints "Dwight" // Prints "Jim" // Prints "Pam" // Prints "Andy"

This is a powerful tool for working with and manipulating a large amount of data.



Here are the orders from a receipt. Let’s do some calculations.

First, create a variable called total of type Double and give it a value of 0.0.


Iterate through receipt using a for-in loop and call the iterator variable item.

And add each item to total.


There’s an 8.875% sales tax in New York.

Change the value of total by multiplying itself by 1.08875.


Finally, print the value of total.

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