The .symmetricDifference() operation can be used to find elements that exist in one of the given sets, but not both.

The syntax for creating a set using .symmetricDifference() looks like this:

var NewSet = SetA.symmetricDifference(SetB)


The following sets nintendoSwitch and playStation4 store String values of games that can be played on that specific console:

var nintendoSwitch: Set = ["Animal Crossing", "DOOM Eternal", "Stardew Valley"] var playStation4: Set = ["DOOM Eternal", "Stardew Valley", "The Last of Us"]

To find which games are exclusive to only one console, we can use .symmeticDifference() to remove any values that appear in both switchConsole and playStation4:

var exclusiveGames = nintendoSwitch.symmetricDifference(playStation4)

If we print() the values contained within exclusiveGames, we would get something similar to the following output:

["Animal Crossing", "The Last of Us"]



Take a look at the two sets oscarWinners and emmyWinners in Awards.swift.

Use .symmetricDifference() to create a set called difference that contains the values that appear in either oscarWinners or emmyWinners but do not appear in both sets.

Print the value of difference.

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