Suppose we are building a game, and we want to keep track of the player’s name, the player’s score that goes from 0 to 10, the player’s level, etc. We need some variables!

Before we can use a variable, we must declare, or create, it.

So to declare a variable called score and set it equal to 0, we need to write:

var score = 0
  • var is a keyword used to declare variables.
  • score is the name of the variable.
  • = is the assignment operator.
  • 0 is the value of the variable.

In Swift, a single equal sign = means to “assign” values (not compare). In the code above, we are assigning the score variable a value of 0.

So now, we can print out the value of the variable score.


The output would be:


Note: Variable names should be in camelCase format.



Declare a variable named year with a value of the current year.


Output year using print().

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