In this lesson, you learned how to use Mongoose to interact with a MongoDB database. Let’s review some of the topics that we covered:

  • Mongoose is a Node package that interacts with a running MongoDB database.
  • MongoDB stores documents in collections and collections of documents in databases. Each document has key-value pairs as entries.
  • Using a Schema, we can set the structure of documents dynamically, using paths with schema types and validators.
  • Models are JavaScript classes that we compile from our Schema definitions.
  • You can use models to create, read, update, and delete documents from a database.
  • You can query a database using .find() and .findOne(). Mongo also provides query operators to allow for more complex queries.

Mongoose also allows for the creation of methods associated with a database:

  • .statics() adds static “class” methods to the Models itself.
  • .methods() adds an instance method to documents.

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