Often the hardest part of creating a full-stack web application is knowing where to start. In this lesson, we will use an outside-in development process. With this approach, we start to build our new functionality at the feature level.

Starting at the feature level of the pyramid (going outside-in) means you begin by writing tests that inform implementation of the code that a user’s browser renders. These tests involve the aspects of your project that users will see and interact with.

In this lesson:

  • You will learn a few tools for writing feature-level tests.
  • You will go through a few rounds of the TDD cycle at the feature level to build an application that renders user input.
  • You will end the lesson “in the red,” with a failing feature-level test that you can only address by “dropping” to the server level.

If you want to continue the journey, you can pick up where you left off in the Codecademy course on testing the server.

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