As you may have noticed in the previous exercise, we are using the function request to make server calls to support our tests. This is actually a reference to the SuperTest library:

const request = require('supertest');

This library was specifically designed for testing Node server responses and integrates well with Mocha and Chai. To use SuperTest, we pass the app object from our app into the request function. To make a GET request, we use .get() with the desired route as the argument:

await request(app) .get('/') .send();

It is also possible to perform a POST using SuperTest. We chain any desired properties or inputs to the HTTP call, and use .send() to make the request:

await request(app) .post('/messages') .type('form') .send({author, message});



In the pane to the right, there is the start to a server test on the root document of our site. Chain the .get() method at the end of the request. Pass the appropriate argument to get the root object of our app ('/').

Run npm test to verify the server response is being printed to the console.

When you are ready to move on, check your work.

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