Congratulations! You learned to use the bash profile to configure the environment. What can we generalize so far?

  • The environment refers to the preferences and settings of the current user.

  • The nano editor is a command line text editor used to configure the environment.

  • ~/.bash_profile is where environment settings are stored. You can edit this file with nano.

  • Environment variables are variables that can be used across commands and programs and hold information about the environment.

    • export VARIABLE="Value" sets and exports an environment variable.
    • USER is the name of the current user.
    • PS1 is the command prompt.
    • HOME is the home directory. It is usually not customized.
    • PATH returns a colon : separated list of file paths. It is customized in advanced cases.
    • env returns a list of environment variables. You can redirect the output, using grep to select the variable you want to see.

Feel free to use this terminal to practice before moving on!

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