The TypeScript type annotation for array types is fairly straightforward: we put [] after the element type. In this code, names is an Array that can only contain strings:

let names: string[] = ['Danny', 'Samantha'];

An alternative method is to use the Array<T> syntax, where T stands for the type.

let names: Array<string> = ['Danny', 'Samantha'];

In the code above, the type, T, is string. We won’t use Array<T> syntax in this lesson, but it’s nice to be familiar with it.

As we may expect, we get a type error if we try to assign an array of numbers to a string[] variable:

let names: string[] = [1,2,3]; // Type Error!

That was just like an assignment error with primitive types. TypeScript arrays, however, can also throw errors when elements of the wrong type are added:

let names: string[] = ['Damien']; names.push(666) // Type Error!

Let’s practice some array type annotations!



The code editor contains several array assignments. Add the appropriate type annotations to the array variables in the // Arrays: section.

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