Throughout this lesson, we have covered many options object properties that allow us to store and generate dynamic values to use in our template. But where do we store any methods we need to make our app work? As you might guess, there is an options object property called methods.

The methods property is where Vue apps store their instance methods. These methods can be used in many situations, such as helper functions used in other methods or event handlers (functions that are called in response to specific user interactions).

const app = new Vue({ el: "#app", data: { hoursStudied: 300 }, methods: { resetProgress: function () { this.hoursStudied = 0; } } });
<button v-on:click="resetProgress">Reset Progress</button>

In this example, we added an instance method called resetProgress to our Vue app using methods. This method sets the value of hoursStudied to 0.

We then added this method as an event handler to a <button> so that whenever the button is clicked, the method will be called. Don’t worry about the v-on:click code for this lesson — we will cover it in Vue Forms.

The value of methods is an object where the keys of the object are the names of the methods and the values are the corresponding instance methods.



We’re going to add an instance method that we will use in later lessons to finish building our app.

First, add the methods property to the Vue app’s options object and make the value an empty object, {}.


Now we’re going to add a method that will clear all of our dynamic data. This will be used for when a user clicks the “Reset” button at the bottom of the page.

Add a key of resetFields to your methods object and make the value the following function:

function() { this.firstName = ''; this.lastName = ''; this.email = ''; this.ticketQuantity = 1; this.ticketType = 'general'; this.referrals = []; this.specialRequests = ''; this.purchaseAgreementSigned = false; }

We’ve temporarily bound the form fields to their corresponding data properties and bound the resetFields method to the “Reset” button (you’ll learn how to do all this in Vue Forms). Try typing into a few of the form’s fields and then clicking the “Reset” button to see them all clear.

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