In this lesson, we learned four different techniques for displaying and updating dynamic data in our Vue apps. Here’s a brief recap of the Vue app options object properties we covered and the use cases for each.

  • data - used for storing known dynamic values
  • computed - used for computing dynamic values based on known dynamic values — can additionally specify a setter by specifying get and set functions — the setter will update other dynamic values when the computed value changes
  • watch - used for performing functionality when a specified dynamic value changes
  • methods - used for storing instance methods to be used throughout the app

If you want to learn more about each of these properties, check out the Options / Data section of the Vue.js documentation.

Congratulations on learning all of these new techniques! It may be overwhelming right now, but you will get more adept at determining which situations are best-suited to each technique as you spend more time building Vue apps. After taking Vue Forms and Styling Elements with Vue, you will have a full understanding of how these pieces of data are used to make fully-functioning Vue form apps. Good luck!

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