In the last lesson, you learned about the conceptual foundations of the WebSocket protocol and WebSocket applications. Now, it’s time to apply those concepts and build a WebSocket application!

Throughout this course, you will build a chatroom application while learning about the ws package for building a WebSocket server and the browser-native WebSocket API for building a WebSocket Client.

By the end of this lesson you will be able to:

  • Create a WebSocket server using the ws package
  • Create a WebSocket client using the WebSocket API
  • Establish and respond to WebSocket connections between your client and server
  • Send messages from the client and receive them on the server
  • Send messages from the server and receive them on the client
  • Implement the broadcast pattern to send a single message to multiple clients
  • Implement custom message types

You’ll build this WebSocket application on your own machine rather than on Codecademy.com. Every exercise will have written instructions as well as an accompanying video that shows one of our team members implementing those instructions in their code editor. If you ever get stuck, you can always code along with the video.

Before taking this course, make sure you have completed the Learn Node.js course as well as the previous lesson on WebSockets Concepts.


Task 1

Before we begin learning about implementing a WebSockets application, click on the link below to download the starter code .zip file for the project you will be working on. Make sure to store this file in a location that you can find easily before unzipping it!



Here’s an article about unzipping a .zip file if you need some help!

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