When’s the last time you used Google? Probably today when you searched “learn coding” and “Codecademy” popped up on the list. How did Google know to give you Codecademy from that simple search? They did so through the constant development of complex computer programs.

But what exactly is programming? Programming is the act of telling a computer what to do. A program can be as simple as telling a computer to print hello, world or as complex as telling a computer to predict what kinds of Facebook advertisements you like based on the search history of your browser.

If you choose to take the computer science path, you will learn the fundamentals to write your own programs, but for now, let’s learn how programming came to be!

The idea of computers and programming started long before the 21st century. Humans were always looking for devices to do tedious tasks. The abacus gave Chinese farmers a competitive advantage over others to count sheep. In 87 B.C., the Greeks created the Antikythera mechanism to calculate the positions of the stars and planets in order to assist with sea navigation.

Over the years, these devices evolved into the more complex devices that we see today. In this lesson, we will give an overview of the history of programming and how our current era became the “the era of technology”.


Can you think of a program that you use everyday other than Google’s search engine?

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