One of the reasons that data science is one of the most interesting fields to go into is that it doesn’t limit you to a specific industry. Interested in airplanes? Work for a company on ticket pricing! Like fashion? Create a model that predicts the latest trends.

Domain Expertise refers to the particular set of knowledge that someone cultivates in order to understand their data. You may be able to crunch the numbers, but in order to understand their meaning, you’re going to need a lot of context. Sometimes this context comes from your research, your teammates, or the knowledge that you gain after working in a particular industry.

So take the time to think about where your passions lie (outside of data science, of course). Maybe you’re an avid gardener. How can data science help you learn more about your passion for orchids? Or perhaps you’re an all-star baseball player. Could you improve your stats if you crunch the numbers (remember that movie, Moneyball?).

When you are passionate about a particular field, your data science skills will make you extremely valuable in that field.


The chart on the right shows how different companies use data. Think of a company that you know of. How do you think that company might use data? If you don’t know, try researching it!

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