Review! You now know the basic parts that make up the field of data science.

  • Data Science—the field of taking data and transforming it into meaningful information that can help us make decisions
  • Descriptive Statistics—statistics that describe the data in objective terms
  • Inferential Statistics—inferences for the overall population based on data
  • Probability—the likelihood that an event will happen
  • Programming—the act of giving the computer instructions to perform a task
  • Domain Expertise—the particular set of knowledge that someone cultivates and brings with them in order to understand their data

Data science is in every field. Take a look at these cool data science projects that range from politics to space travel.

In our next lesson, we will go over how the different aspects of data science make up the data science process. These building blocks will give you an overview of how exactly data science practitioners collect and use data.


What about data science excites you? Could you see career possibilities in data science?

It’s ok if you don’t know the answer yet! In our next lesson, we will delve a little further into data science.

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