Kenny is exhausted and frustrated. After all of these different jobs and roles he still feels no closer to discovering what he really wants to do with his life. He turns to his friend Mimiko for advice. “What should I do Mimiko? I feel as lost as ever!”

“Well,” she says “you seemed to enjoy all of these jobs to a certain extent. What did they all have in common?”

Kenny thinks, hmm, what DID they all have in common? “Well, I used my understanding of computer science topics to help make my work more efficient, reliable, and repeatable!” That’s it! Computer science! Huzzah!

He realizes that all this time in all of these roles he had been practicing the fundamentals of computer science, but without a computer! Clearly that is where his passion must lie.

This is the power of studying computer science. Learning the fundamental building blocks of how to optimize, how to build a process and control flow, and how to make sure your work is scalable will allow you to abstract these concepts into literally any field you might find yourself in.

In our modern world, nearly every industry employs software engineers in some capacity. Having a strong understanding of computer science principles will give you the skills you need to excel in any discipline, even the ones where you least expect it. Although Kenny took the long way around, he now finds himself back in the fold, developing software to make people’s lives better, easier, and fuller.

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