Meet Kenny. Kenny is a bright young man who recently graduated from a prestigious university with a degree in Computer Science. But Kenny is a little disillusioned. He isn’t sure that he wants to go into software engineering or even be a part of the technology industry at all.

Kenny thinks to himself, “how will I ever use any of these computer science skills out in the real world?”

Kenny is not unique. Often the realm of computer science can feel indescribably abstract and arcane, even to those who study it. But in fact, the same abstractness that makes computer science feel inaccessible also makes it incredibly useful and applicable to a wide range of fields, disciplines, and industries. Computer Science isn’t just about learning how to code and program, it’s about learning how to view the world in a different way, to see patterns that emerge from the mundane, and to reveal opportunities for optimization and improvement around every corner.

Over the course of this lesson, we will follow Kenny as he pursues a variety of different careers and hobbies and discovers that his computer science background is more relevant to his everyday life than he could have ever imagined.


Strap yourself in and then click next to follow Kenny on his journey of self discovery!

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