The H and T in HTML stands for hypertext. Hypertext is text that is linked to other text. This diagram shows different websites that are connected to each other through links, which are represented by arrows.

What’s so hyper about hypertext? The prefix hyper indicates that the text expands beyond the traditional constraints of the written word. Instead of reading documents from beginning to end, like you would read a book, someone going through hypertext can browse. By clicking on links from one document to another, the user can navigate to whatever page they find the most interesting and carve their own unique path through the web.

Many modern websites provide rich user experiences, with features like embedded videos, animations, and interactivity, so it doesn’t necessarily feel like you are just navigating from one HTML page to the next. But despite all of the advances that have taken place with the growth of the web, at its core the web is still just a collection of hyperlinked documents.


Review the structure of links shown in the diagram, then continue to the next exercise when you are ready.

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