Alejandra now has a fully functional web application for her small business!

In building out the features that she needed for her business’s application, she learned about the four languages that form the core of the World Wide Web today:

  • HTML — structures website content
  • CSS — applies styling to websites
  • JavaScript — adds interactivity to websites
  • SQL — allows your web application to store and retrieve data

While these languages are each essential to web development, many of them also have applications in other fields. For example, JavaScript was initially just a language for interacting with HTML, but JavaScript has expanded to be a general-purpose programming language that can be run outside of the browser. You can now build web applications, browser games, desktop applications, and even VR/AR experiences in JavaScript.

Learning web development has given Alejandra the skills that she needed for her business and also opened the door for her to take on more and more technical projects in a wide variety of fields.

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Congratulations! You can now understand and talk about the main languages of web development and you’ve gotten your feet wet with reading and editing code.

If you’re intrigued by Web Development, you should now have a sense of what skills or languages you want to learn next.

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