Welcome to the world of web development! Millions of users have learned to make websites and web applications on Codecademy — and you could be next.

Having web development skills allows you to take your big ideas — whether it’s a simple website, a complex web application, or even a browser game — and build them on the web!

Meet Alejandra! She is a budding web developer. She runs a small travel agency. Alejandra finds her customers mostly through word of mouth, but now she’s ready to expand her business by building a website.

In this lesson, we will follow Alejandra along her journey to learn new languages for web development, and we will see what kinds of features each new skill allows Alejandra to build for her site.

The four main languages that Alejandra needs to learn include:

  • HTML — structures website content
  • CSS — applies styling to websites
  • JavaScript — adds interactivity to websites
  • SQL — allows your web application to store and retrieve data

We’ll follow along with Alejandra as she picks up each of these languages, starting with HTML.


Continue to the next exercise when you are ready to dive into HTML!

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