Headshot of Audrey Tang

(Source: Wikipedia)

Software Influence

Audrey Tang has both a decorated career in both the software and political fields. To the right, a photo of Camile, Raku’s (a programming language formally known as Perl 6) mascot, is shown (Designed by Larry Wall). Tang is one of the largest contributors to this programming language, leading over 100 Perl projects between 2001-2006. One notable accomplishment was when she established and led the pugs project in 2005, which aimed to create a compiler and interpreter for the Perl 6 programming language.

Political Career and Philosophy

Aside from being described as one of the “ten greatest Taiwanese computing personalities” of Taiwan, Tang is also known for being the first transgender official in Taiwan’s Executive Yuan after being appointed minister without portfolio in August. As the youngest cabinet member, she is seen as the bridge between the older and younger generations. Tang’s main principles are to build trust using tech as well as fight misinformation. Leading by example, Tang records all her meetings and publicizes them.


Tang identifies as postgender:

“What’s important here is not which pronouns you use, but the experience…about those pronouns… I’m not just non-binary. I’m really whatever, so do whatever.”

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