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Random Color Generator

Let's make a cool Random Color Generator web page from scratch to practice using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript!

We'll make a really cool color generator to help people find different colors when they fire events on the web page elements. In this project, you will practice:

  • structuring a web page using HTML
  • styling a web page using CSS
  • adding functionality to HTML elements using JavaScript
  • using DOM events to create an interactive web page
What You Need to Know

Events on the web are user interactions and browser manipulations that you can program to trigger functionality. When you refresh your email inbox, double tap on a post, or scroll through a newsfeed — an "event" has occurred!

Check out the MDN Reference Page for more information about events!

Additional Information

Use the following <img> tag to add the rainbow image to the web page:

<img src="https://s3.amazonaws.com/codecademy-content/courses/javascript-dom-events/rainbow.png" alt="Rainbow Icon"/>

Let's do this!

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