Now let’s rebuild the model using the new features as well as evaluate the new model to see if we improved!

For Manhattan, the scores returned:

Train score: 0.772546055982 Test score: 0.805037197536

For Brooklyn, the scores returned:

Train score: 0.613221453798 Test score: 0.584349923873

For Queens, the scores returned:

Train score: 0.665836031009 Test score: 0.665170319781

For whichever borough you used, let’s see if we can improve these scores!



Print the coefficients again to see which ones are strongest.


Currently the x should look something like:

x = df[['bedrooms', 'bathrooms', 'size_sqft', 'min_to_subway', 'floor', 'building_age_yrs', 'no_fee', 'has_roofdeck', 'has_washer_dryer', 'has_doorman', 'has_elevator', 'has_dishwasher', 'has_patio', 'has_gym']]

Remove some of the features that don’t have strong correlations and see if your scores improved!

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